Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try TAOBrush brushes before subscribing?

Yes. If you are unsure, we recommend you purchase a set of brushes to see how you like them. We are sure you won't be disappointed with the quality of our brushes. We are so sure that we offer 100% money back if you do not like them and give us a reason. We will use your feedback to improve our product.

How will we tell our brushes apart?

When we ship your brushes, they will be random different colours so you can easily tell them apart. At home, we also mark our brush with a pen for a bit of customisation :)

Can I choose the colours of my brushes?

Not as of yet. We plan to offer this in the future. Currently selecting custom colours would add too much complexity to our fulfillment process. Also, sometimes it is nice to be surprised..

Will there be more colours?

Yes! We are still small and cannot offer the full range of colours yet, but have some very nice ones already in the pipeline..

Can I choose to get medium or hard bristles?

Dentists recommend using soft bristles when brushing your teeth for optimal dental health. It is better for your teeth and gums. This is why we have chosen to equip all our brushes with soft bristles. Your teeth will thank you!

Does it feel different or weird to use a bamboo toothbrush?

Since the brush handle is made from bamboo instead of plastic it does feel different. You get used to it very quickly and it is far nicer to have a natural material in your mouth when brushing as opposed to plastic. They also look much nicer in your bathroom.

How do I store my bamboo toothbrush?

We recommend you allow your toothbrush to fully dry in between uses. Do not leave it in a wet cup or the natural bamboo handle may get mouldy. I personally like to lay my toothbrush horizontally on a cup so that the water drips off. 

Is my TAOBrush Bamboo Toothbrush 100% recyclable?

The handle is made from bamboo, which is recyclable. You can simply remove the bristles and put it in your compost and it will go back to nature. You cannot place your TAOBrush in a recycling bin however.

We use Nylon bristles as these are recommended by dentists. The only natural & biodegradable alternative to this currently are boar bristles. These are not recommended by dentists and our product would not be vegan & animal cruelty free if we used this material.

We are however working on our very own alternative that we are very excited about! Our subscribers will be the first to know.

Furthermore, our mission is to reduce 99% of waste produced by 8 billion plastic toothbrushes thrown out every year. The bristles make up a very small percentage of the waste caused primarily by plastic toothbrush handles and plastic packaging.

Our packaging and postage material is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper.

Why do you produce your brushes in China?

As stated on our packaging, China is the "Bamboo capital of the world" and we work with an expert bamboo manufacturer in China that has access to sustainable bamboo sources. This reduces the distance our materials need to travel, in turn reducing the carbon footprint of our brushes. Their production experience in bamboo means that they are able to produce a high quality product at a reasonable price. This allows us to pursue our mission to reduce plastic waste.

How often do I actually need to replace my toothbrush?

Dentists recommend to change your toothbrush at least every 2-3 months. We send you enough brushes to change every 2 months with our subscription options. You can now do this without having to think about changing your brush in a much more sustainable way by subscribing to us!

What about the postage? Doesn't that add more of a carbon footprint?

We use existing postage routes with regular post not couriers to deliver our brushes. This does not add additional emissions delivering your brushes to your door.

Our mission is to provide a convenient option for you to regularly replace your toothbrush in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This will improve your dental hygiene as well as make less of an impact on our planet.

Can I track my order?

No. Regular mail does not allow for tracking.

Regular post? How long will it take? What if it doesn't arrive?

The Royal Thai postage service is a very reliable postage service. It can take up to 2 weeks for your brushes to arrive in your regular mail. If you don't receive your brush or it is lost in the mail, please email and we will help you track it down!